3 Bedroom Luxury Villa with Panoramic Sea View- Chloraka,Pafos
Daily from 9:00 to 18:30

3 Bedroom Luxury Villa with Panoramic Sea View- Chloraka,Pafos

Cyprus, Paphos, Chlorakas
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€720 000
Object type
Under construction
209 m2
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Living area
209 m2
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Site area
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Object type
Under construction
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Property type
Residential properties
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Title Deed
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Panoramic Views, Sea View
The project offers the residents truly luxurious and modern living spaces, borne of the beauty of the environment, providing unobstructed views of the Mediterranean sea. Located in Chloraka in a plot selected for its panoramic views of the coast, these properties develop over 3 levels featuring three large en-suite bedrooms, an open-plan living space, and a spacious open plan lower ground area. It is designed to interpret a traditional form in an entirely contemporary way with a careful selection of materials that make for a durable, efficient, and beautiful structure. The design is complemented with strategically placed wood louvers to protect the large windows from the sun, keeping the interiors cool in the summer and lending style to an already beautiful design.
Exclusive property
Covered area from 209 sq.m.
Plot from 373 sq.m.
3 Bedroom
Master ensuite
Central heating
Charging outlets with USB ports
LED lighting
Net Metering System
Recycling Facilities
Security Systems
Smart controls for Heating / Cooling
Structure cabling
Thermal insulated double glazing windows
Top quality countertops and finishes
Wooden flooring
External thermal insulation with render system
Infinity Pool
Italian furnishings
Sea view
Property off plan

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Learn more about this property

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Is it possible to get a residence permit in Cyprus now?

Yes - as at mid-2023, both a residence permit and a permanent residence permit are issued by the Cypriot authorities. Moreover, there are no prohibitions based on nationality and, for example, citizens of the Russian Federation also successfully become residents of the country. There are more than ten ways to get a residence permit. This is , for example, a student visa, a residence permit for financially independent persons, digital nomads, a residence permit based on employment, an investment Fast Track ... Of course, since the pandemic, many coordination procedures have taken longer than usual, but the country's authorities have not imposed any restrictions. But there are many nuances in the process, so each case requires individual consideration.

Is it possible to open a bank account in Cyprus now?

Foreign citizens can still open a Cypriot bank account. Only citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus have difficulties. Most likely if you just come from the street in 2023, they will not open an account for you. And it is important that the “source of funds” is not associated with sanctioned activities. In practice, the list of incomes considered "sanctioned" has recently been expanding. An exception, for example, is the income received from the rental of real estate. By the way, it is not necessary to have your own bank account to buy a property if you are in Cyprus. But having already purchased it, and furthermore, having received permanent residence, both Russians and Belarusians can open an account. However, one must be prepared for the fact that checks (including the origin of funds) by banks have become tougher, although not particularly lengthened - the process takes, as before, about 2 weeks.

What the purchase procedure in Cyprus looks like

The main steps are as follows: verification of the buyer - including a banking verification. This is the most important, now necessary step, allowing to assess whether you can actually make a deal selection of a property (on-site or remote) and simultaneous submission of documents to the bank prepaid reservation conclusion of an agreement (with a description of the terms of payment) payment for the property registration of property rights, receipt of supporting documents. Depending on the details of a specific transaction, additional checks and preparation of documents are possible at different steps of the procedure.

Why is it profitable to buy real estate through an agency and not on your own?

Just note that it makes sense to contact (and communicate) with a reliable and professional company - with a history and positive reviews. Firstly, you involve specialists who understand the market, prices, offers, and the transaction procedure as assistants. They will help solve problems in an unfamiliar country with its own specifics. Second, you can find a company that speaks your language. You will be helped to organize viewings, collect documents, agree on deadlines and arrange necessary meetings and procedures. Thirdly, in many cases you can expect the price to come even down for a particular object - serious agencies usually have "special conditions" when dealing with developers. You should not hope for huge discounts, but you definitely won’t overpay. Finally, a good agency will help you resolve issues that are not directly related to the purchase. Teaching children, settling in a new place, searching for a master or a specialist of any profile - the needs can be very different.

What advantages does tax residency in Cyprus offer?

Cyprus is not an offshore jurisdiction, but it offers favorable tax conditions for those who become tax residents of the country. You can become a tax resident by residing in Cyprus for more than 183 days a year or if you: - Reside in Cyprus for at least 60 days in a tax year. - Do not live in another country for more than 183 days during the tax year. - Are not a tax resident of another country. - Have property in Cyprus, either owned or rented. In this case, you may qualify for Non-Domicile tax residency, where you are exempt from paying the Special Defense Contribution (SDC). The following are not subject to taxation: - Dividend income. - Interest income from deposits. - Rental income from real estate (except for income tax). You also do not pay tax on income outside of Cyprus, securities sales tax, inheritance taxes, gifts, and luxury taxes. These are just some of the advantages. For more detailed information, we recommend contacting us directly.

Is it possible to buy property in Cyprus remotely?

Yes, such transactions are practiced, especially when purchasing property at an early stage of construction or even before it begins when there is no opportunity to see the finished property. For example, our company facilitates the process by conducting online tours, showcasing potential options and areas, as well as addressing any questions and concerns that arise. The key aspect of this scheme is to find a trusted individual or company that will represent your interests, and then prepare, sign, and apostille a notarized power of attorney in their name.

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